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Content Marketing & Social Media Marketing

Content is the fire. Promotion is the gasoline.

Content is King. So true, especially in this day and age of information over supply.  Well written content is the pitch for your company’s products and services. For professionals, well-written content is their way to building credibility and authority in the online world. For businesses large and small, good content can help you drive traffic to your website or social media channels, in turn increasing the chances for conversion as well as position you as a credible organisation among the many competitors.

Content can be in many formats. For example, if you are in the fashion industry, content can be highly visual in nature consisting of a good mix of text, images and video. If you are a Business-2-Business player, content can be case studies, ebook, white papers and so on.

Creating and sharing good content consistently is a surefire way to build long-term brand strength in the online world.

We help you create the right content marketing and distribution strategy to drive growth across various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and more.  With more and more individuals now consuming information through online channels, your a strong & credible online presence will only result in healthy business growth for the future.

Pay Per Click ( PPC ) marketing

Pay only when your potential customers show some interest in your product / services

The internet revolutionised marketing with the concept of “Pay per click” advertising. In the traditional advertising mediums, you paid for the advertising based on the assumed “engagement” of your ads with your target audience. For example, you paid based on circulation numbers( magazine, newspaper ), viewability ( TV ), the number of approximate listeners( radio ). With Digital marketing technology, you now can be sure that you pay only when someone for sure Views your ads or clicks on your ads. This pay per click marketing has optimised the spend of your marketing dollars.

The big daddies of social media, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other smaller ones, all offer the technology to reach your potential target audience via pay per click advertising. We can help you get your message across to your target audience with high precision so you optimise your advertising dollar spend and do not depend on the “Spray & Pray” system of yesteryears.  High precision targeting coupled with data analysis from Digital campaigns can be significantly better ROI for your advertising dollars than what traditional advertising media can do.

Why even bother about Digital Marketing?

  • More & More people are consuming information online. Look around, especially  at young children & teenagers and you’ll see the point.

  • These digital natives are the future generation

  • Change happening from chasing footfalls to eyeballs

  • 3.6 billion internet users worldwide

  • 1.8 billion Google searches a day

  • 80 billion emails sent in a day

  • 2 billion videos viewed a day

  • 1.9 billion active Facebook users

Looking at these numbers, chances are high that your target audience will be somewhere in these, Right?

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