About Us

A Billion People is a Digital marketing company that passionately believes in the power of the internet to scale up almost any business.  Look around you and you will see the next generation internet with the digital world in almost every sphere of their lives.  This opens up huge opportunities for marketers to reach out to this generation and we help bridge this gap to provide a win-win for both the business and the consumer.

Please write to us at info@abillionpeople.com to know how we can help you grow your business

Our company is founded on the following core principles


We believe in proactively taking initiatives to ensure customer success


With so much me-too content out there, what differentiates one from the other is the creativity. Creativity stands out by its own virtue and forms part of almost all the work we do for our clients.


We are proud to have a world-class team who understand different aspects of digital marketing, the tools of the trade and the most optimal usage of these. This ensures we ahead of the competition


Transparency is an important virtue to us. Whether we win or lose, we want to ensure we mean what we say and say what we mean.


We are committed to reliable outcomes for our work.  We understand that without reliability,  all running any business is an ordeal, for our customers as well as us.


The customer today is spoilt for choices and the only way to stay ahead of the game is to deliver top quality work. This is our Quality mantra.