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Frequently Asked Questions

During our decades of working with the clients helping them leverage the immense power of the internet to grow their business, we have come across many questions related to the Digital marketing technology. We believe this is so as this is a newer area for most and also a rapidly changing one.

We have seen many questions repeat as well. In this section, we have compiled a list of some of the most Frequently Asked Questions and through these hope to provide clarifications and dispel the myths surrounding Digital Marketing Technology.

Traffic from a search engine can be directed to your site by one of the two methods. One is called PPC ( Pay per click marketing ) and the other is SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ). Both these techniques will enable you to show your website in the search results when a user types a search query for which you would like to show your website in the top results.

Digital marketing will let you showcase your products and services to millions and even billions of people when they use the internet or mobile devices. Some of the advantages of Digital marketing over the traditional advertising ( radio , tv, newspaper, etc )

    • Targeted : You can target your audience by demographics, their interests, age, etc.
    • Pay only when consumed : You only need to pay when a user will see or click on your ad/message.
    • Drive actions : In your ads, you can include clear call to actions ( eg. “Buy now”, “Learn more” ) and these call to actions can land your prospects to your website where you can showcase more about your products and services
    • Measure : You are able to measure precisely the impact of dollars spent for your digital marketing efforts , down upto every click of the customer
    • Flexible budget : You can define your daily budgets for your advertising campaigns and run these for as long as you like. So for example, if you wish to spend 30,000/- for a advertising campaign, you can spend 1000 every day for 30 days or 5 thousand for 6 days.
    • Fine tune and improve : Even after you start your advertising campaign, you can change messaging, landing pages, targeting, etc in order to improve your return on Ad spend.
    • Viral : With digital marketing strategies , there is a chance that your advertising messages can go viral very fast and significantly reduce your cost of customer acquisition or increase your exposure manifold without incurring significant costs. This is because it is very easy to share on social media.

There are broadly two ways to do this. One is the organic way, called the search engine optimization , which basically means that you are trying to optimize your website so that search engines prefers to show it’s links instead of other competing websites for specific search queries. The other is called pay per click marketing. In this method, you tell the search engines to show your website links in the search results instead other competing sites by paying for clicks on those website links.

This obviously depends on the business you are in. For some kind of business that are B2B LinkedIn works very well. For others that are to do with fashion , Facebook , Pintrest and Google can be good channels. We first need to understand what is your business type, What goals do you wish to accomplish (eg. want to generate brand awareness of a new product your are launching or want to generate more leads for an established product ) , what is the target audience you are going after and then we decide what digital platform may be the best suited to meet these needs

For some of the digital platforms like google, Facebook, you could start seeing the results as early as 30 days , while for others like SEO , this could take 6 months or more. These are general guidelines and the specific may depend on things like what are the results you are expecting.

This depends on multiple factors

  1. What your goals are(brand awareness, lead generation, product launch, hiring people, etc)?
  2. Which is the target audience?
  3. What channel are you planning to use ?( Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, etc ).

But, the good news is that for any kind of digital marketing activity you can start low, define daily budgets and as you ramp up, control your costs finely as well as measure the impact of ad money spend.

See the question : “What benefits will I get from Digital Marketing vs-a-vis Traditional marketing.

Just like for offline or traditional marketing, depending on your products , services and target audience , you choose the right channels ( eg. right TV program , right magazine, right newspaper,  correctly placed billboard , etc )  , similarly in digital marketing , one size does not fit all. As part of our free consultation , we understand your products, services and target audience and then suggest the right channel(s) to advertise on.

Yes sure you can.  However, you need to be aware that digital marketing technology is constantly evolving and you will need to constantly read and upgrade yourself to ensure effectiveness in your efforts. Just attending the training program once may not be enough . This means that you need to commit time and efforts on a continuous basis to ensure that you don’t lose money in digital ads or digital promotions.

Yes and No. Yes because anyone can learn digital marketing, if you are already a marketing professional it would be easier for you. No because assuming that anyone with knowledge / experience in traditional marketing will be able to effectively do ‘digital marketing’ is a myth. Digital Marketing is an evolving and exciting space with changes to existing channels happening every week while new channels evolving at the same time. You need to keep learning all the time and stay ahead of the curve as you are competing with others out there for the same audience.

Have any other question that you think is unanswered here ? Feel free to write to us at info@abillionpeople.com

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