Our Services 

We provide Digital marketing services that enable you to be successful by using the new age Internet advertising channels. While this may sound very broad, the truth of the matter is the end to the means you may choose. Success in this context could mean more brand awareness for their brand, launching new products and ensuring a wide reach, generating leads for your business, growing your professional practice, starting a non-profit movement for a social cause and many different things for different people.
Below we list out different types of services that can be used to achieve these goals . If you know a little about digital marketing and know exactly what types of services from the list below you would like to engage us for, very good. If not, that’s fine too as we can help you to understand what will be the best options for you. Interested, drop us a line at info@abillionpeople.com

Pay per click marketing – You pay only when someone takes action on your ad

Payperclick2This form of advertising lets you advertise for your products and services on google, Facebook, LinkedIn , YouTube and twitter. In this way of advertising, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad or when they see your ad.You can define your own daily budgets and the target audience whom you would like to target with your ads. Deliverable include the setting up and optimizing of the PPC campaigns , Landing pages plus monthly reports on performance where you get to see complete details of your ad spend and conversion data.

Competition analysis – We help you understand how you stack up on-line against your competition

Competition-analysis2In this service we will  research the online presence of your potential competitor businesses across different social media ( Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pintrest, Instagram, YouTube ) as well as do an analysis of their website with respect to the kind and approximate quantity of traffic they are getting. The deliverable in this case will be a report that will highlight the  online social media strategies they are using to win over customers.

Lead Generation – Get leads in your inbox.

Lead-generation2In this service, we setup an online marketing funnel on a channel relevant to your business.This channel could be google , Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pintrest, YouTube or a combination of any of these. The deliverable in this case will be to setup and optimize this funnel and generate the leads ( contact information / complete sales ) for your business.

Search Engine Optimization – Get ranked on the first page of google for keywords you care about

SEO2When you search in google using a set of keywords, you are presented with a list of results on the first page pertaining to the relevant websites . Do you want your website to also show up in these results ? Preferably at the top ? Well, SEO does just that. Search engine optimization is a set of techniques that will slowly make your website show up higher in the search results of search engines like google and Bing.  The results from doing SEO activities take time to show and depending on the current state of your website, this can take 6- 9 months to show the results. SEO is not a one time activity but needs to be done on a continuous basis to ensure that the site once shown on top of the results , stays there.

Social Media Marketing – Engage with the customer through social media to create a strong brand recall.

Social-media-marketing2In this service, we will create a profile for your business or services on the relevant social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn. This will then be promoted through regular posting in order to build an engaged online audience. The deliverable  in this case will be to create the different social profiles , the creatives required for posting and the monthly reports showing engagement of your fans/users with your brand.

Email Marketing – Communicate & Engage with the customer through the time tested email channel

Email-marketing2One the primary online activities for most people still remains checking their email. Email marketing means reaching out to your potential audience through their email id. While this may look straightforward, it’s easier said than done in the correct way. You have to ensure a good email subject ( to ensure a decent open rate ) , a good email body ( to ensure a click through rate ) and a properly formed email body structure so that google or any other email client does not throw your email into Spam. We provide you the services to consult on each of these activities and then also send the emails to your list of potential clients. In addition to this, deliver-ability reports on open rate and click rate are also provided.

Internet Marketing Consulting – Not sure whether to take on Digital Marketing for your business ? We’re here to help.

social-media-strategy-consulting2If you are not sure how internet marketing can help you scale up your business, then you could make use of our consulting services to first understand the scope and power of different internet marketing channels and which one may be more suitable for you. In a series of meetings / phone calls , we will first understand your business and the goals you wish to accomplish using internet marketing and then provide you a complete report on which internet marketing strategy will best work with you to achieve your desired goals.

Training – Specialized digital training modules for advanced experienced marketers.

digital-reputationWe provide training on how to manage all aspects of Internet marketing. These are mainly for two types of people.
1.The  people who want to understand how internet marketing works but ultimately want to outsource their internet marketing activities to an employee in the office or to a third party agency.

2. The people who want to understand how internet marketing works and want be make a career in Digital Marketing.

We are different than most other Digital marketing companies in the fact that we preach what we practice and know what works and what does not. We conduct regular batches of training ( max. 15 people ) . If you would like too attend any of these training , please write to info@abillionpeople.com and we will get back with you with details of availability for the next batch as well as the details of the training program.

Please write to us at info@abillionpeople.com to know how we can help you grow your business