Google Adwords

Google is still the undisputed leader of pay-per-click advertising. With more than 1.5 billion searches in a day, you surely want to be part of the search result for keywords that matter to you. Google broadly offers two kinds of advertising opportunities. One called the search engine marketing and the other Google display network marketing. When you type a search query in the google search box , you get a set of results. The top three results and eight results on the right column result from people advertising their products and services , assuming that when people typed the search query , they were looking for the products and services offered by them. Excellent form of advertising, the client looks for something and you show up. This is called “Search Engine Marketing” or SEM for short. On the other hand, when you visit many of your popular and highly trafficked websites from across the world , you may see also display banner ads on them. Google has a technology that enables them to place their ads ( ie your ads) on them. This is called “Google display marketing” . Read this post here to know more about , why we call google the grand daddy of billboard contractors.

Advertising on google through SEM or GDN can be highly effective due to the reach and ubiquity of google. SEM based ads , in general are more effective in lead generation while GDM ads can be more effective to create brand awareness.

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