LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is by far the largest professional networking forum in the world. You can think of as one of the largest structed resume collection. Professional People all across the management chain have an active profile on LinkedIn. Just like facebook gives you the opportunity to target people based on their demographics, likes dislikes, interests, etc LinkedIn gives you the power to target based on their professions, their designations, their salaries, experience level , etc. For many marketers, this kind of targeting maybe a dream come true. Imagine , you want to sell an employee training module, what if you could only target that to HR managers of large corporations having more than 1000 people  and having office across the world ?  That’s possible and we can help you do that efficiently.

Here’s what you get when you buy our LinkedIn Marketing services

  • An Analysis of Your Industry Competitors

  • PPC Strategy Planning & Execution by experienced staff

  • Ad & Landing page Creation + continuous optimization

  • ROI Measurements for your campaign performance

  • Continuous PPC Campaign Tracking & Monitoring

  • Periodic Campaign Progress Reporting

  • Discovery of New Market for your products / services