Social Media Marketing

There is some confusion between the terms , social media marketing and digital marketing. As with any new technology, the lines are usually blur when you start defining new and related terms. However, here at A Billion People, we like to differentiate social media marketing as efforts geared towards organic growth of your audience online, while digital marketing is more strictly paid or inorganic growth. There is definitely a little overlap when you do either of the activities, but broadly that’s where we like to draw the lines even though we are very much aware that other digital pundits may have other ways to clear the air.

As part of our Social Media Marketing strategy, we will take over the management of your desired social profiles to ensure growth of your online brand. The social profiles we handle are facebook, twitter, google plus, instagram, pinterest and blogs.

Here’s what you get when you buy our Social Media marketing services

  • An Analysis of Your Industry Competitors

  • Impact of social media marketing on your online brand

  • Measurement and detailed analysis of online visit behavior to your website

  • Periodic Progress Reporting of audience engagement

  • Discovery of New Market for your products / services

  • Making and posting of relevant creatives on the social media channels

  • Conceptualizing and creating online contests for engage audience