Competition Analysis

Competition Analysis

The internet has leveled the playing field for many. This is good news and bad news, depending on how you look at it.  Even being an entrenched player in the market for many years, you may not know who’s climbing up the ladder behind your back. One thing however is certain,  that if there is someone growing fast, they cannot do so without making a reasonable amount of noise in the online world. If you are not sure how well you stack up to the competition against you, especially in the online world, we can help you get a sense of it.

Our detailed competition analysis strategy will help you understand how their digital footprint, their online presence across various channels, their engagement with users online,  what keywords they rank for, which pages of their site /services are more popular than others and much more.

This can be very valuable information when you decide to take on your competition , head on.

What competition analysis services do we offer?

  • In-depth keyword analysis of where you stand vis-a-vis your competition when people search for your services online
  • Analysis of your’s versus your competitor’s social media marketing strategy
  • What you are doing better or worse vis-a-vis your competition to capture your target audience
  • An analysis of your competitors online engagement with online users across different social channels.
  • Actionable inputs to help you beat the competition.

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