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google marketing

What is Google AdWords?

In one sentence, Google Adwords is the best form of online Paid advertising.  On an average there are 40,000 google searches every second ( almost 3.5 billion a day ) and Google adwords lets you target your clients right where they’re looking for a product or service provided by via their search query on Google.!

Whether you’re a physical shop with one location or a multi-billion dollar company with offices across the globe ,  adWords can likely offer you plenty of value.

With this form of advertising, you pay only when someone shows genuine interest in your product or service by clicking on your ad and so this form of advertising can help you reach the interested audience.

If this sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The way it works is that your choice of keywords you use to reach your target audience , the ad copy you right, the page you bring them to after they click the ads, all play a vital role in determining the success of your adwords campaign. If you mess up in any of these stages, you may end up with costly mistakes. That is why it is important to partner up with the right Digital marketing agency who has demonstrated success in running adwords campaigns.

Why work with us?

  • We work closely with your team to set realistic adwords based on your needs and budget
  • Perform a thorough keyword research process so as to reach the most relevant audience for your product / service
  • Test & optimize your adwords campaigns to bring more traffic/leads  and at the lowest cost
  • Help you scale up  and reach into new, lucrative markets

What Google Adwords services do we offer?

  • In depth keyword research for your business
  • Industry and competitor analysis
  • Adwords strategy & campaign planning
  • On-going campaign tracking and optimization
  • Discovery of new market opportunities for business scalability
  • ROI measurement & campaign progress reporting

Our Process

1) Initial discussion

We start by having a discussion about your business, the objectives you wish to achieve through digital marketing, what you may have tried so far and how we may or may not be able to help you. The key purpose of this discussion is to evaluate, if we can engage into a win-win situation

initial discussion

2) Marketing opportunities analysis

After our initial discussion, we will do our marketing opportunity analysis for your business. After the analysis , we’ll put together a digital marketing plan , that maximizes all the opportunities we see for growth of your business. The plan will also list out costs specific Key performance indicators.

marketing opportunity analysis

3) Digital Marketing Plan discussion

After having shared with you the initial Digital Marketing plan and after you have reviewed it, we’ll get into a discussion with you to fine tune it as per your budgets and expectations of results. All queries / clarifications regarding this plan will be addressed so as to come up with the final plan.


4) Execution of Plan

We will start to work on execution of the plan. This will involve making the campaigns, creatives, the digital funnels required to achieve the goals. Our execution teams get engaged at this stage with a focus on some early wins along with setting up for scalable and long-term goals.

execution of the plan

5) Optimization

Optimization is an integral part of any digital campaign. As the campaign gets underway, we get lots of data points using which may make small changes to the campaigns to ensure that the client gets the maximum bang for their buck. Our execution team will continually monitor the results and use this data to get you more wins.


6) Reporting

One of the key advantages of Digital marketing over traditional marketing is the results are more measurable and quantifiable.We will measure, analyse and provide the results of the execution of plan in form of comprehensible reports on a periodic basis.

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