Pay Per Click Marketing

pay per click

What is Pay per click marketing?

In many forms of traditional marketing , like in newspapers,  you typically pay for an assumed viewership of your ad, the cost of the advertisement based on the readership or circulation numbers of the newspaper.

Pay per click marketing is  a way to reach out to your customers online and pay only when they at least see your ad or better , take some desired action , like clicking the ad. The views and clicks are measurable. This is a great leap forward in terms of measuring the results of your ad spend and is made possible due to the interactive nature of the advertising medium, in this case the internet.

Pay per click is a general term and can be done on many different online channels like Google, Facebook Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, reddit, etc. However, depending on your product / services and your target audience some channels may deliver more optimal results than the others Pay per click marketing can give you immediate visibility and leads

What services do we offer in PPC marketing

  1. An Analysis of Your Industry Competitors
  2. PC Strategy Planning & Execution by experienced staff
  3. Ad & Landing page Creation + continuous optimization
  4. ROI Measurements for your campaign performance
  5. Continuous PPC Campaign Tracking & Monitoring
  6. Periodic Campaign Progress Reporting
  7. Discovery of New Market for your products / services

The following are the platforms we deal with in for PPC advertising. Click on each to know more about each service

  • Google AdWords Marketing
  • Facebook Ads Marketing
  • Twitter Ads Marketing
  • YouTube advertising
  • LinkedIn advertising

Our Process

1) Initial discussion

We start by having a discussion about your business, the objectives you wish to achieve through digital marketing, what you may have tried so far and how we may or may not be able to help you. The key purpose of this discussion is to evaluate, if we can engage into a win-win situation

initial discussion

2) Marketing opportunities analysis

After our initial discussion, we will do our marketing opportunity analysis for your business. After the analysis , we’ll put together a digital marketing plan , that maximizes all the opportunities we see for growth of your business. The plan will also list out costs specific Key performance indicators.

marketing opportunity analysis

3) Digital Marketing Plan discussion

After having shared with you the initial Digital Marketing plan and after you have reviewed it, we’ll get into a discussion with you to fine tune it as per your budgets and expectations of results. All queries / clarifications regarding this plan will be addressed so as to come up with the final plan.


4) Execution of Plan

We will start to work on execution of the plan. This will involve making the campaigns, creatives, the digital funnels required to achieve the goals. Our execution teams get engaged at this stage with a focus on some early wins along with setting up for scalable and long-term goals.

execution of the plan

5) Optimization

Optimization is an integral part of any digital campaign. As the campaign gets underway, we get lots of data points using which may make small changes to the campaigns to ensure that the client gets the maximum bang for their buck. Our execution team will continually monitor the results and use this data to get you more wins.


6) Reporting

One of the key advantages of Digital marketing over traditional marketing is the results are more measurable and quantifiable.We will measure, analyse and provide the results of the execution of plan in form of comprehensible reports on a periodic basis.

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