Email Signature Banners for Lead, Sales, Event Growth

In the modern-day digital world and the digital market, the use of email signature banners is nothing new. It is perhaps the most popular marketing strategy to increase sales and audience engagement with the company. Email signature banners have proved to be extremely efficient in promotional activities and also has become the influential return on investment channels for some big companies in the world.

This article will discuss the insights of the email signature banners and how it has helped to change the modern-day online marketing world with its power.

Reasons why email signature banners have become popular

Email signature banners have been hovering around for a while now and there are reasons behind its growing popularity. Here are some of the reasons why email signature banners have become extremely popular in recent times:

  • The engagement in the case of email signature banners is quite high – within 3 percent and 7 percent CTR.
  • Ad blockers do not work in case of emails and it is an advantage.
  • Since there exists zero competition in the case of your page, your advertisement is the lone advertisement out there.
  • Email targeting is more accurate and efficient because you can choose and send emails to the actual email accounts of your clients.
  • The segmentation process is smooth and has flexibility in email signature banners.
  • It involves no expensive investments such as investing in infrastructure such as the ad servers.
  • There involve no intermediaries to set the cost of the ads.
  • Security issues and risks are minimal in this case. Commonly we see that the display & retargeting networks might be filled with malware and trojan viruses.
  • Your readers are unlikely to close it off as they will be on the same page just like your ad.
  • The ROI and the benefits of email banner advertising can be experienced and seen within 30 days.

The retargeting emails are generally filled with marketing messages for the customers and those are sent to create engagements with the audience. It has been seen that text messages take longer to absorb and are quite less engaging compared to the other emails which carry visual elements. In the case of mobile devices, the text creates more engagements compared to the emails which carry visual elements such as videos and colorful banners.

Email signature banners – The reason they work

In simple words, email signature banners are nothing but rectangular images that are placed at the lower part of the signature in an email. It is mostly placed under the signature area.

There are various reasons why email signature banners are popular in the online marketing world and here are some of the major reasons:

1. Your eye love brighter objects

According to several studies, the eye loves to see brighter objects. This is the primary reason why display advertisements you find online are mostly bright and colorful. In the case of emails, only one colorful and bright object can exist and that is your signature banner. The motto is to make the banner more attractive and eye-catching. A banner will also serve as the reminder at the lower part of an email and that might be the final element your audience will notice when they will read the content.

2. Email banners are mostly relevant

The ads you portray to your audience need to be relevant to the content along which you are placing the ads. This is the reason Google Search ads are highly efficient and powerful in their way. In the case of targeting and retargeting, the ads which are tailored for the purpose get targeted towards the clients and people. Email signature banners are similar to Google search ads and these banner ads have facilitated the B2B ads and B2C ads in a great way in recent times.

3. Targeting is done perfectly

Email banner advertisements are more personalized. They also can be loaded with marketing emails that are automated alongside sales campaigns to target the targeted audience. The high-value emails are tightly targeted and differ from the traditional email advertising campaigns.

The sender can personalize the targeted emails fused with the actual intent of the campaign. This induces a trust factor in the minds of the audience and this is where your banner ads can go viral at any point in time. Always remember that the viral contents are relevant to the core and have a clear message. Effective email marketing campaigns can uplift the image of the company and give a boost to its brand awareness.

4. The extra effort is cut short

Emails coming out from a company are mostly managed by the marketing team and the IT support team. Email signature banner ad marketing campaigns literally need zero efforts from the marketing and IT teams of a company. This is the plus side of this type of advertising campaign. This is because the banner is applied automatically and the sales team can modify the banner campaigns according to their requirements. They can set up the funnels, adust the rotation of the banners as they move across the sales cycle.

The employees of the company reap the benefits from the banner campaigns with an increase in the pipeline velocity. On the internal side of the company, the marketing and the Human Resource teams can use the banners to target internally. Using targeted email signature banners internally can facilitate processes such as publicizing the sales kickoffs, reminding the employees about an event in the upcoming days, and other HR-related activities.

 Usage of email signature banners

Email signature banners have proven to be very effective in modern-day online advertising models and they are widely used in the sales & marketing division. Below are some of the major uses of email signature banners in advertising and marketing:

1. Use of email signature banners in account-based marketing (ABM)

Organizations and enterprises have started migrating to the ABM model from the traditional marketing structure. This is because the ABM model has come up with new ways using which the companies can reach accounts that can customize messages.

The email signature banners can be effective in delivering different messages to different segments all in a single advertising campaign. ABM allows you to make use of those same ads taken from the email signature banners in display ads, retargeting, and print ads. Also, you can change and modify the advertisements which are based on the engagements and place them accordingly in the funnel.

2. Use of email signature banners in field & event marketing

Email signature banners can be effective in your sales campaign as it can increase the number in the field of event attendance & also bring an improvement in the attendees’ quality. The marketing and advertising team is responsible for event attendance and it has an informal connection to the customer retention & salesteam of the organization.

In simple words, email signature banners expand the scope of the advertising campaign of the company. It also smoothens the marketing channel in such a way that all emails sent from the company can touch most of the customers through the event marketing message.

3. Effective content distribution and marketing

As per studies, one of the biggest challenges for the marketers & the demand generationteam is nothing else but the distribution of content.We all know that paid distribution has become quite expensive. Just like paid ads, paid distribution incurs a lot of costs and ultimately disrupts the budget. It is a fact that content can be of the best quality and still not go viral.Behind every viral content out there on the internet, there exists a distribution strategy which is a smart one and it has made it possible.

The content marketers just cannot randomly send out emails from the marketing & sales team. This is because the emails will become annoying after a certain point of time and will be soon spam flagged. The email signature banners can also be a place to exhibit your content such as articles, various case studies, and even infographics.

Email signature banners do the following things to facilitate the proper usage of the targeted ads to the customers:

  • Email signature banners integrate the distribution without autoomation and smart targeting which ensures relevance.
  • Email signature banners produce a huge value in the field of impressions.
  • The content has to be distributed continuously and no emails are marked as spam in doing this.

4. Marketing and engagement

Email signature banners are perfect when it comes to driving engagement marketing. Polls, webinars signups, and the contest signups are some of the features of such engagement marketing campaigns.

Email signature banners if used properly can give out effective results and that too within a month. Make sure you adhere to the above-mentioned facts and tailor your advertising and marketing campaigns accordingly.