Google vs Facebook

The present world is the world of fast and intelligent technology. Every day new things are invented and they are used to making life much smoother and easier. However, another thing that is playing an important role in the life of human lives is social media platforms. The social media platforms are actually playing a crucial role in our lives. 

When we are talking about social media platforms many subjects come into our mind and they are Facebook, Google, Instagram and similar other ones. Out of them Google and Facebook are the noted ones.  It is also seen that strict competition runs between the two.

For many people, both Google and Facebook are two sides of the same coin. They both come with different features and they are exclusive in all aspects. They should be tried for business purpose. 

What are the roles of these two platforms?

When we are talking about Google and Facebook we should actually know about them in a better manner. Let’s first talk about Google. Google is a site that provides us with all types of free services and recent updates. It is the site where we can gain probable information about any subject.

On the other side, Facebook is a social network that is confusing to some extent. It has also been seen that it has created a lot of mess and violated a lot of ethical issues at the same time. 

Which can be the right platform for business?

Another important question that may arise in the mind of many companies is that which between the two is the most convenient platform to carry out business. Apparently, it may appear to be easier but it is not that easier to solve this question. Let us analyze accordingly.

  • In most of the cases, it is seen that to reach the customers both Google and Facebook is taken as a convenient platform.  It is estimated that Facebook has an estimated user of 2.3 million while Google is also said to be best for placing advertisements. Some people also opt for online advertisements.
  • It is also recommended to make the correct choice while placing advertisements. Most of the people always search for such convenient opinions and in many cases they fail to gather so.
  • If compared it is seen that both the platforms are regarded as the best ones for placing ads. The more such advertisements will be based the more people will get knowledge about the products and goods. This will help the company to enhance the business to some extent.

Why online adverting is important?

This is a very important question that may be present in the mind of the people. With the introduction and rise of smart phones and personal computers, there has been a change in the mode of purchase of products.  In the present time, we often hear about googling. Googling is nothing but searching for some specific products.  It is always recommended that through Googling one can get correct information about the product.

A study has also revealed the fact that a person can spend about 5 years while searching and surfing in different social media platforms. The times spend for searching about the products or anything has considerably increased from 2012 to 2017. In the year 2017 people used to spend about 144 minutes every day while scrolling at various social media platforms. 

Consumers in the present world always demand to get fast answers. They cannot lose extra time on silly things. If they are intending to buy any product they will always search and look for the best. Rather the character of the consumers has changed to a great extent. Keeping all these things in mind the companies are also introducing new business strategies.

They are much more relying upon online advertisements that can be much convenient and better. This will help the customers to simplify the search and participate in the search equally. The online advertisements should be convincing and attractive at the same time. It should hold the capacity to draw the customers towards them. The movement of the customers in buying any product has dramatically changed and people are now very cautious even before spending a little amount of money.  There may be ample reasons behind it. So, the demand for online advertisement is gradually increasing day by day and this is a good sign.

Better knowing of Google and Facebook advertisements:

We all know that Google is one of the world’s largest search engines and they are operating in this field for a long time now. Google comes with a lot of amazing features and this has attracted a lot of people. Google occupies about 75% of the market and this is a great thing. Google ads are a fantastic part that can be used for placing any types of advertisements. It is found that placing any types of advertisements mainly in this part can be fruitful. It can be one of the best platforms for catching traffic.

Other ways can also be used to catch traffic through Google ads and they are display network, social network, video or Google shopping. Selling any products through online mode is always good if it is done on Google shopping. It can yield a lot of best results to the customers. 

Apart from this why do people use Facebook? Facebook is simply a social networking site that is mainly used for meeting friends and chatting with them for a long period. One can also share beautiful photos and moments on this site so that other people can know about their activities. 

However, in the modern time it is found that Facebook is allowing people to advertise their products in a section. One can advertise in the right side of the bar. They also have the option to show video ads. This is perhaps the most convenient type of advertisement that has been introduced by the company. People have also started using it for their betterment and business purposes.

The intention of the seller is the main thing. If the seller is mainly intending to sell any products then both the platforms can be equally good. But if the seller wants to sell any product directly then Google is always the best destination. Thus it solely depends upon the seller how he wishes to sell the products or which platform is better for him. There are companies that mainly focus on brand social following. If that is the point then Facebook would be the right choice. It will bring good luck to the sellers.

Role of ad formats:

Well, it can be righty said that the format of advertisement is different in each case. No two will ever have the same mode of advertisements. In both the cases it has been seen that the formats are much easier and they can be easily used by the sellers. Google has introduced and updated the ad formats based on the specific need of the people and the sellers.

The main thing about Google is that it is continuously updating its ad formats for the betterment of the sellers. This makes the whole thing easier and smoother for the sellers and the buyers at the same time. One thing is clear that people should use the formats and place the products accordingly. Nothing extra can be introduced in such case.

It can be easily assumed from the above discussion that both Facebook and Google is incredibly a powerful platform for advertisement. Each of them has some specific terms and conditions and so they are considered to be complimentary of each other. There are people who always compare both of them but it should be made clear that each of them is superior in their respective fields. It will be baseless to compare them.

Both the Google ads and Facebook Ads play a key role in the life of the people. It is very important for those who want to try something interesting and important. It depends upon the people which platform they would choose to showcase their products. If anyone is willing to try anything different they can definitely choose anyone of these platforms. That would be better for them.

Just forget the old days when people followed the traditional mode of advertisement. As the world is changing so is changing the concept of business. Modern people are very cautious and they want to put forward their strategies in a different way. Thus in all aspects the modern platform of advertisement is considered to be much better and innovative. It can surely yield good results in the business.