Why is Digital Marketing serious business for your business

Traditional advertising or marketing technology ( like Ads in the paper, Billboards, etc ) also let you do that. So what’s special about this and why is it important for your business. ? Well, here are a few reasons why your business should look at Digital marketing for its growth


The first one reaching. With more than 3.5 billion internet users worldwide, 1.9 billion replacees A DAY and more than 1.8 billion Facebook users, chances are good that the people who you want to market to are somewhere here, right? Compare this, for example to the population of continents like Europe, approx. 743 million or that or Africa, approx. 1.2 billion, and through Digital marketing you can reach anyone in these continents as easily as you can someone next door. That’s really powerful.

Precision targeting

Well, it’s not just the reach and it’s not just numbers. In most cases, your target audience, the one that is most likely to buy your product or service is probably a subset of these people. Digital marketing allows you to precisely target your audience based on demographics like age, gender, marital status, location, parenting status, etc or based on their interests, like do they like bikes OR  are they into fitness products OR do they like watching action movies or are they a gizmo freak who wants to the next big electronic gadget, etc OR based on their professional associations, like do they work in the oil & gas industry or in Information tech. Space, are they into HR person or are they a software engineer, are they a junior employee in the company or a decision-maker like a CXO or owner/partner, etc.  Basically, the idea is that once you create a buyer persona for the type of people you want to reach, Digital marketing lets you get your message across to those people with the ease and the most precision possible compared to other marketing tactics.


The next big advantage is measurability. You must have heard the popular axiom, “You cannot improve, what you cannot measure”.Digital marketing technology lends itself very well to being able to measure the efforts and calculate ROI. You could for example, very easily calculate the cost per view, cost per lead and cost per sale or conversion for your digital marketing efforts. Looking at these metrics, you can easily see which of your ad campaigns work well and generate positive ROI for you so you could spend more on those and pause the other ones. Besides, the ROI metrics, you can also slice and dice the data for your campaigns by user behavior to see how your target audience responds to your marketing messages. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Instagram, Email marketing, etc, all of them offer a different levels of analytics for your marketing efforts. Believe me, this sure is a wonderful